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Stop wasting your time

Visualize the Big Picture

visualize the big picture

Organize a network of interconnected ideas.

Keep everything in one place

keep everything in one place

Include files, images and videos directly in your work.

Share with other people

share with other people

Share your work instantly with others or send them a link.

Experience extraordinary productivity

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Stop using tools limiting you! Discover new connections in OrgPad and boost your creativity.

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Memories and exploration

Organize images and videos from your journeys along the paths you take. Your experiences and memories will immediately turn into a beautiful interactive travel book.

OrgPad is a great tool to present and share your experiences. Since memories have their place, it is easy to find your way without ever losing the context.

Comedy Orgpage with memes

Creativity and fun

OrgPad gives you more freedom than any other tool on the market. You are free to connect your ideas in any form you want. From now on, there is nothing holding your creativity back.

OrgPad's strong support of multimedia enables you to easily compose text with pictures, animations, and videos.

Orgpage about nuclear energy

Hard work

Increase your productivity and cognitive abilities. While solving complex problems you spend too much energy just holding all the little pieces in your head.

OrgPad frees your mind from this exhausting necessity and allows you to focus on the thinking itself. It is therefore an ideal tool for highly demanding mental work.

Orgpage about university-level mathematics

Learning and teaching

Quickly understand the Big Picture and hold on to it while studying the details. OrgPad allows you to learn faster by understanding the interconnections between parts from the very beginning. Further, OrgPad helps you to retain the memory of the topics much longer.

Orgpage for planning a teamwork

Organize and collaborate

Visualize all the problems at once to make a good plan. Push your work together in a team. Distribute the tasks among the team members and easily see the progress and the obstacles. Brainstorm together and react quickly to the emerging difficulties.

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Backed by years of research

Ever since the discovery of writing, people use the same techniques to share information, placing word after word, sentence after sentence, page after page. The only thing that had been improving were the tools for writing (pen, typewriter, computer) and distribution (printing press, the Internet). It is still equally difficult to understand the core ideas behind a long text. With the growing size and difficulty of today's topics and problems, the need for new approaches arises. The key problem is a lack of the Big Picture.

Mindmap of topics from Diderot Encyclopedia

For centuries, people tried to tackle this problem by introducing supplementary materials such as pictures, diagrams, and recently videos. Diagrams used to visualize the main concepts and their connections are known in the literature as mind maps and concept maps. There is a large body of research studying these maps showing that, for instance, they improve memory of the studied topics. Furhermore a team of researchers at Charles University showed on university level mathematics that this approach applies even to very complex problems. Over a period of three years, they have examined over 200 students. Their research showed that the diagrams are better at transfering information than the traditional form. Since mind maps and concept maps can be created in OrgPad, all the results apply to OrgPad as well.

A student examination in the classical sequential form

Traditional form

A student examination using a concept map

Concept map

OrgPad is a flip on the traditional idea of a text with supplementary materials. In OrgPad, you can produce one diagram containing all the information including images and videos. This cannot be achieved on paper since there is simply not enough space and the reader would be overwhelmed by the ammount of data. Therefore the information has to be split into pages and the Big Picture is lost. Using computers it is possible to change the displayed information as the reader interacts with it. Even an entire book can be written as a single diagram in OrgPad.

People behind OrgPad

Pavel Klavík

Pavel Klavík

Since his childhood, Pavel is deeply interested in computers and their influence on the world. Pavel published over 30 scientific papers and earned a PhD in network visualizations at Charles University in Prague. Afterwards, Pavel went to Switzerland to work at Google for 1.5 years which he left to work on OrgPad. Pavel takes care of technical solutions.

Kamila Herková

Kamila Herková

Kamila earned a Bc in Bioinformatics at Charles University in Prague. Kamila has years of experience with different approaches to education. She was interested in mind maps, but only after discovering OrgPad, she knew the way forward. At OrgPad, she works on design.

Vít Kalisz

Vít Kalisz

Vít studied both in Czech Republic and Germany. His stay in New Zealand further deepened his frustration over the state of traditional educational systems. After finishing grammar school in Germany, Vít went to study computer science at Charles University in Prague. He left the university for OrgPad, where he is responsible for business and customer relations.

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